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In Keeping the Republic, authors Christine Barbour and Gerald Wright draw students into the study of American politics, teaching them to think critically about “who gets what, and how” and exploring the twin themes of power and citizenship. Readers are pushed to consider how and why institutions and rules determine who wins and who loses in American politics and to be skeptical of received wisdom. Every element of the text is crafted to provide the tools students need to be thoughtful, savvy consumers of political information and to teach them to think more deeply about what they see, read, and hear.

Going even further in this new edition, the authors have partnered with award-winning information designer and teacher Mike Wirth to create a series of stunning, data-rich infographics that appear throughout the text, presenting information in new, more revealing ways. Combining critical thinking skills, pedagogically rich visuals, and the seminal work in the field of American politics, this trusted text is ideal for students who want to take an active part in their communities and government—to play their part in keeping the republic.


We gratefully acknowledge Christine Barbour and Gerald Wright for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Angela Narasimhan, Susannah Prucka, Alicia Fernandez, and Ann Kirby-Payne for developing the ancillaries on this site.