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Sarteschi, C. M. (September 2013). Mentally Ill Offenders Involved With the U.S. Criminal Justice System: A Synthesis. The Prison Journal. 84(3). 340-360.

The author uses recent government and congressional reports, along with relevant literature reviews to discuss what is known about mentally ill offenders in jails and prisons. The author’s goal is to provide a more comprehensive understand of mentally ill  offenders (i.e. prevalence, demographics, etc.) and also to identify the problems, conditions, and obstacles faced while under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system.

  1. How does the sentence length differ for those who are mentally ill and those who are not? What issues do mentally ill offenders face while incarcerated? 
  2. What are the author’s suggestions for change?

Learning Objective(s): Explain strict liability


Lord, E. A. (August 2008). The Challenges of Mentally Ill Female Offenders in Prison. Criminal Justice and Behavior 35(8). 928-942.

This article discusses the challenges that mentally ill female offenders face while incarcerated. The author highlights he increasing number of women with mental illness, and the effect that the prison environment has on these individuals (i.e. rule breaking, self-harm, etc.). The author concludes with suggestions as to how these challenges and/or issues can be better addressed.

  1. How prevalent is mental illness in incarcerated individuals?
  2. Identify some of the most common issues seen in female mentally ill offenders.
  3. What mechanisms can be used to create conformity in prison?
  4. What are the author’s suggestions for improvement? What can be done to help this population?

Learning Objective(s): Explain strict liability