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Brucker, D. (September 2006). Re-Entry to Recovery: A Promising Return-to-Work Approach for Certain Offenders With Mental Illness. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 17(3), 302-313.

A demonstration project being designed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and Rutgers University may provide an effective option for assisting eligible offenders with mental illness in obtaining employment during re-entry to their communities. The project, Early Intervention (EI), will provide temporary cash stipends, immediate Medicare, and innovative employment services and supports to eligible applicants for Social Security disability insurance (DI).

  1. What policy implications have the findings highlighted?
  2. What are some of the barriers that mentally ill offenders face once they reenter into the community?

Learning Objective(s): Explain the difference between competency and insanity


Myers, D. L. (April 2003). Adult Crime, Adult Time: Punishing Violent Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, 1(2), 173-197.

This article examines the age of criminal responsibility in law. It argues that the fair imputation of criminal responsibility requires understanding of a number of interlinked concepts, including knowledge of wrongfulness, understanding of criminality and its consequences and an internalized moral appreciation of the quality of the conduct. Taken together, alongside the child’s psychological development and lived experience, the matter is complex. Development from baby to adulthood also involves a shift from dependence to autonomy. The age of criminal responsibility must be set so as properly to take into account both the underlying complexity and the acquisition of autonomy.

  1. What is the purpose of the study?
  2. How was incarceration defined?
  3. What type(s) of statistical analysis were used in the study?

Learning Objective(s): Explain the difference between competency and insanity