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Article 1: Hicks, T. A., & Knollman, G. A. (2015). Secondary analysis of national longitudinal transition study 2 data: A statistical review. Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals, 38(3), 182–190.

Description: The authors discuss the analyses that have been performed in the past on a large national secondary data set. They review what has been done before with the goal of providing insight into what other researchers could do with the data.

Article 2: Murphy, J. W., & Schlaerth, C. A. (2010). Where are your data? A critique of secondary data analyses in sociological research. Humanity and Society, 34, 379–390.

Description: The authors discuss some pitfalls of secondary data analysis in sociology and its contribution to a decrease in community research and a loss of research skills in community research.