SAGE Journal Articles

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Article 1: Landrum, R. E. (2013). Writing in APA Style: Faculty perspectives of competence and importance. Psychology of Learning and Teaching, 12(3), 259–265.

Description: The author discusses the results of a survey of faculty regarding the APA writing skills of students. The author asked beliefs about the importance of 73 writing skills and the performance of students on these skills. The results of the survey found that there is a gap between specific skills that are rated as highly important and student performance on those skills.

Article 2: Wheeler, A. P. (2016). Tables and graphs for monitoring temporal crime trends: Translating theory into practical crime analysis advice. International Journal of Police Science and Management, 18(3), 159–172.

Description: The author presents a review on how to construct tables and graphs of crime trends that can be used by researchers and the public to understand crime trends.