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Article 1: Mazzola, J. J., Walker, E. J., Shockley, K. M., & Spector, P. E. (2011). Examining stress in graduate assistants: Combining qualitative and quantitative survey methods. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 5, 198–211.

Description: The authors conducted a study of graduate assistants in which they were asked about stressors they experienced and analyzed measures of stress related to a variety of stressors. They found that graduate students who reported specific types of stress scored higher on quantitative measures of those stressors. They suggest that using both qualitative and quantitative methods for assessing stress may be better than using one method only.

Article 2: Walker-Noack, L., Corkum, P., Elik, N., & Fearon, I. (2013). Youth perceptions of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and barriers to treatment. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 28(2), 193–218.

Description: The authors conducted a study examining the perception that individuals had of ADHD and the barriers to its use based on these perceptions using Ethnograph qualitative software.