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Article 1: Kageyama, Y. (2003). Openness to the unknown: The role of falsifiability in search for better knowledge. Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 33(1), 100–121.

Description: The author addresses criticisms of the Popper’s theory of falsifiability and provides responses to each of the criticisms.

Article 2: Kinn, S., & Curzio, J. (2005). Integrating qualitative and quantitative research methods. Journal of Research in Nursing, 10(3), 317–336.

Description: The authors examined the degree to which research articles in the field of nursing reflected qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods. The results of a search for journal articles found that despite an increasing emphasis on mixed methods, its use in research is still relatively small.

Article 3: Griggs, R. A. (2017). Milgram’s obedience study: A contentious classic reinterpreted. Teaching of Psychology, 44(1), 32–37.

Description: The author discusses new and past criticisms of Milgram’s obedience study ranging from the initial concerns about the ethics of the study to more recent concerns about “file drawer issues” and unpublished data that suggested people did not obey the experimenter. Additionally, the author presents a new interpretation of the findings in terms of engaged fellowship rather than obeying an authority.