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Article 1: Brickman Bhutta, C. (2012). Not by the book: Facebook as a sampling frame. Sociological Methods and Research, 41(1), 57–88.

Description: The author examines the usefulness of snowball samples to reach subpopulations through social networking sites. The author finds that this sampling method while disproportionately female, young, educated, and actively religious, produced similar results to national polls.

Article 2: Klein, K., & Cheuvront, B. (1990). The subject-experimenter contract: A reexamination of subject pool contamination. Teaching of Psychology, 17(3), 166–169.

Description: The authors conducted three experiments to test whether instructions about confidentiality increase participant’s disclosure. Across the three studies, disclosure of confidentiality increased as requirements of confidentiality increased, suggesting that disclosure of confidential details and information may be a problem for subject pools.