Multimedia Resources

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Resource 1: Scientific Studies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Description: The video discusses, using humor, how opportunistic biases can include data dredging and p-hacking in the analysis and presentation of scientific results. Discusses issues of replication in science.

Resource 2: How to Read and Report Test Significance Values From SPSS Output

Description: Video discusses, using a χ2 analysis, how to report and interpret significance values in SPSS.

Resource 3: The Basics of Using SPSS Syntax for Students: 4. Often Used Commands Walk-Through

Description: The video discusses frequently commands used in SPSS to analyze data.

Resource 4: Presenting Qualitative Results

Description: Video discusses five steps for presenting and writing up results of a qualitative research design.

Resource 5: Discussion Section in Research Paper

Description: Video provides a detailed discussion of how to write up a discussion section for a research paper and what needs to be included.