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Evaluation Toolkit: Analyze Qualitative Data
Step-by-step guide to analyzing qualitative data, with ample description of the steps and processes involved.

What is qualitative data analysis (QDA)?
Provides definitions and descriptions of qualitative data and qualitative data analysis processes and models.

Doing qualitative data analysis
Guidelines for qualitative data analysis, from an evaluation perspective.

Qualitative validity
Resource with guidelines for assessing validity and reliability in qualitative research, with comparisons to validity criteria for quantitative research.

Qualitative Coding 101
Powerpoint presentation outlining strategies for coding and using CAQDAS software.

Analyzing qualitative data: With or without software
PowerPoint presentation outlining steps to qualitative data analysis, from a professor of sociology.

Managing your qualitative data: 5 easy steps
Tips for organizing and managing your qualitative data as you prepare for analysis.