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What is Mixed Methods Research?
John Creswell describes the four basic characteristics of mixed methods research. (15:04)

Developing Mixed Methods Research with Dr. John W. Creswell
This video applies the mixed methods approach through John Creswell’s use of this design to a particular topic. (06:20)

Planning Mixed Methods Research
Provides an in-depth examination of what one should consider when deciding to conduct a mixed methods research design, as well as how the purpose statement and research questions are formulated, the steps to choose an appropriate model and how to ensure quality.  (01:02:48)

Why use mixed methods?
This webinar provides a discussion for the reasons to conduct mixed methods research and when it is appropriate; it includes an example to illustrate the process of mixed methods research. (01:02:11)

How to Design a Mixed Methods Research Study
This video provides an overview of mixed methods research, describes the strengths and weaknesses, and highlights several of the mixed methods research models. (43:09)

What Skills are Needed for Mixed Methods Research?
John Creswell explains the skills needed to conduct mixed methods research, as well as how to develop these skills. (22:32)

Dedoose Video Tutorial 1: Qualitative & Mixed Methods Research using Dedoose
The president of Dedoose teaches how this web-based service to conduct mixed methods research. (11:51)