Video and Multimedia

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Reflexivity, Reflectivity, and Responsiveness in Qualitative Research
Podcast with powerpoint defining and discussing these important concepts in qualitative research, with an overview of the literature on these topics. (04:58)

Types of Case Study
Lecture on case studies as a research strategy, with examples from social sciences. (18:58)

Field Research/Ethnography
Example of a field research situation for an ethnographic study, which also brings up some ethical issues for the researcher. (04:37)

A Discussion with Prof. Kathy Charmaz on Grounded Theory
An interview with a noted scholar on grounded theory, discussing many of the important considerations and uses of grounded theory in qualitative research. (58:21)

A Grammar Review for Discourse Analysis
A basic review of English grammar, parts of speech and phrases that are useful in discourse analysis. (27:23)

Fundamentals of Qualitative Research Methods: What is Qualitative Research (Module 1)
Overview of the basic characteristics of qualitative research, with links to several more modules discussing more specific aspects of qualitative methods and data analysis. (13:51)

Qualitative Research Interviewing
Summary of an article on qualitative research interviewing and the history of this data collection method. (06:15)