Video and Multimedia

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Northeastern University Doctor of Education Scholar Practitioner Model
Gives a thorough understanding of scholar-practitioners using the scholar practitioner model and linking to problems of practice. (04:50)

What is Education Research?
Explains the different types of education research along with defining important concepts; connects education research to academics, practitioners and policy makers.  (05:05)

Research Part 1: Paradigms and Methodology
Provides an overview of the different research paradigms and methodologies. (13:36)

Complex Research Terminology Simplified: Paradigms, Ontology, Epistemology and Methodology
Gives simple descriptions on several concepts from Chapter 1, including ontology, epistemology, methodology and the different research paradigms. (11:40)

Thinking about Research Design
Connects paradigms to the various types of research designs. (09:02)

Assumptions of Researchers
Outlines the different paradigms and offers six questions a researcher should consider that lead to particular paradigms. (09:22)