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Article 1
Burkhardt, H., & Schoenfeld, A. H. (2003). Improving educational research: Toward a more useful, more influential, and better funded enterprise. Educational Researcher, 32(9), 3–14.


Questions that apply to this article:

1. What are some of the key elements these scholars identify as common to successful linking of research to practice?
2. What barriers exist within educational contexts to successful transfer of research into practice?
3. What concrete steps do the authors suggest to help eliminate these barriers?         


Article 2
Lewis, C., Perry, R. & Murata, A. (2006). How should research contribute to instructional improvement? The case of lesson study. Educational Researcher, 35(3), 3-14.


Questions that apply to this article:

1. What kinds of research on lesson study do these authors propose are critically needed?
2. What changes do the authors suggest to the field of education to help advance research on local innovations?
3. What are some differences between the general proof route for research and the local proof route that these authors describe?