Video and Multimedia

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Research Ethics
A professor from Yale University School of Medicine discusses the history of research ethics and writing the Belmont Report. (03:22)

Institutional Review Board
Faculty member and IRB chair outlines general requirements for IRB review. (04:33)

OHRP: General Informed Consent Requirements
Office for Human Research Protections video that outlines issues with obtaining informed consent and procedures/requirements (18:38)

The Elements of a Successful Informed Consent Video
Created by Human Subjects Protection Team of the NIMH, portraying a fictional informed consent process, emphasizing the required elements of informed consent. (24:04)

Ethics Video Series: Reporting Research
Interviews with faculty members from several universities, discussing the ethical issues with reporting research, including data analysis and transparency in methodology. (07:47)

Publishing Your Research 1010: Episode 5 p1: Ethical Considerations for Authors
Editors of a scholarly journal discuss ethical considerations for getting work published, working with other authors, and maintaining transparency. (09:08)