Video and Multimedia

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Fundamentals of Qualitative Research Methods: Data Analysis (Module 5)
Provides an overview of qualitative data analysis, with definitions of key terms and examples, in the form of a lecture and powerpoint. (17:11)

Qualitative analysis of interview data: A step-by-step guide
Outlines the steps of analyzing interview data, with specific examples for each step of the process. (06:50)

Coding Part 2: Thematic coding
Lecture on thematic coding, including methodologies that commonly use thematic coding and how to engage in the process of thematic coding. (06:44)

Validity and Reliability
Definitions and discussions of how reliability, validity, generalizability, and replicability, and how they apply to qualitative research. (02:54)

ATLAS.ti Tutorial: Coding basics—creating and assigning codes
Brief tutorial that illustrates the coding function of ATLAS.ti, walking through the steps of coding within the program. (03:47)

Using Voice Recognition for Transcription
A process for selecting and using voice recognition software for transcribing qualitative research. (05:06)