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Case 9.1: The Brain Drain: Planning for the Coming Federal Retirement Boom

Audio Resources

Audio 9.1.1: Federal News Radio: Forecasting the Retirement Wave: What’s Behind the Flubbed Predictions?
Description: This report explains the difficulty in predicting retirements in the federal government.

Audio 9.1.2: Federal News Radio: Panel Discussion: Combating a Retirement-Driven Brain Drain
Description: What strategies do government managers use to preserve knowledge within their agencies when important employees retire?


Infographic: 9.1.1: Government Executive: The Lifecycle of Retirement
Description: This infographic from Government Executive assesses how federal employees have prepared for retirement.

Web Resources

Web 9.1.1: Government Executive: The Retirement Wave You Didn’t See Coming
Description: According to this article, why might the retirement problem for government be bigger than previously anticipated?

Case 9.2: Reining in the Unions? State Employees Targeted in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Beyond

Audio Resources

Audio 9.2.1: NPR: Across U.S., Unions Fight to Keep Bargaining Rights
Description: The role of state government in defining state employee benefits is described by this story from NPR.

Video Resources

Video 9.2.1: Fox News – Facts and figures behind Wisconsin protests
Description: This news clip from Fox News describes the debate about state employee collective bargaining as it unfolded in 2011.

Video 9.2.2: The Daily Show: Madison Men - Scott Walker Prevails in Wisconsin Recall
Description: Comedy Central’s John Stewart discusses the political outcomes of the Wisconsin recall election that targeted Gov. Scott Walker after his efforts to curb unions, as described in the case study.

Web Resources

Web 9.2.1: The Pew Charitable Trusts: The Widening Gap
Description: This map of the 50 states shows how state governments are managing the costs of state employee pensions and retiree health care.

Case 9.3: Who You Gonna Call? It’s One Man Who Decides Who Gets How Much from the BP Oil Spill Compensation Fund

Audio Resources

Audio 9.3.1: NPR: Managing the $30 Million ‘One Fund’ to Aid Boston Victims
Description: Kenneth Fienberg was called upon again to administer the fund for the victims of the Boston marathon bombing. Consider the challenges he describes in this in-depth discussion with NPR.

Video Resources

Video 9.3.1: NBC News: BP Claims Czar: “We Oversold this Program”
Description: This story reflects on the early months of Kenneth Feinberg’s work after the oil spill. What challenges did Feinberg confront when undertaking this unique work assignment?

Video 9.3.2: Bloomberg TV: Feinberg Says “It Appears” Gulf May Recover in 2012
Description: In this video, Kenneth Feinberg discusses the process for claims related to the oil spill. Feinberg talks about economic recovery in the Gulf region and addresses critiques of his work.