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Case 10.1: DARE-ing to Challenge Policy

Audio Resources

Audio 10.1.1: WYPR Maryland Morning: From Wall Street…to Eutaw Street
Description: This story from Baltimore’s local NPR station addresses the city’s legal strategies against major banks in the wake of the economic crisis. According to the report, why did local government officials take action rather than leaving matters to the federal government or other regulators?

Web Resources

Web 10.1.1: National Center for Biotechnology Information, American Journal of Public Health: Project D.A.R.E. Outcome Effectiveness Revisited
Description: A meta-analysis on DARE research supports its ineffectiveness.

Web 10.1.2: Vox: Why Anti-Drug Campaigns Like DARE Fail
Description: Vox article detailing the ineffectiveness of DARE.

Web 10.1.3: Vice: Why Scaring Kids Out of Committing Crimes Doesn’t Work
Description: Article detailing the Scared Straight program, interviewing those that did research on it.

Video Resources

Video 10.1.1: Washington Post: A Brief History of DARE, the Anti-Drug Program Jeff Sessions Wants to Revive
Description: Article and video detailing the history of DARE, a favorite program of Jeff Sessions.

Video 10.1.2: Saturday Night Live: Shallon: Drug Safety
Description: SNL skit satirizing D.A.R.E. program.

Case 10.2: Pay to Spray? Fire Protection and the Free Rider Problem in South Fulton, Tennessee

Video Resources

Video 10.2.1: NBC News: ‘No Pay, No Spray’ Case: Firefighters ‘Threatened’
Description: A local fire chief from Obion County, Tennessee, explains subscription fees for fire service, as well as other models of funding rural fire service.

Video 10.2.2: WPSD News: Community Concerned about Reputation after ‘Pay for Spray’
Description: After another house burned in the same county, a local news story outlined options for providing fire service in rural areas. After watching the video, consider what barriers exist to expanding fire service in the areas described in the story.

Case10.3: Tweeting to the Rescue? How the Mayor of Newark Used Social Media to Improve Public Service Delivery

Audio Resources

Audio 10.3.1: NPR: Some N.J. Politicians Feeling Heat over Blizzard
Description: This story from NPR reviews how state and local leaders in New Jersey confronted the snow. Compare the responses by New Jersey state leaders to those discussed in the case study.

Web Resources

Web 10.3.1: Govloop: 15 Commandments for Gov’t Agencies on Twitter
Description: Review these rules for government agencies using Twitter. What challenges do public agencies confront when using social media?

Web 10.3.2: Twitter: Cory Booker
Description: Cory Booker is now a United States Senator representing New Jersey. How is Sen. Booker making use of online social media, in comparison to his use of the technology as a mayor?