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Case 12.1: Weed Rush

Audio Resources

Audio 12.1.1: NPR: Baltimore State’s Attorney Will No Longer Prosecute Marijuana Possession Cases
Description: Segment discussion on Marilyn Mosby’s decision to no longer prosecute marijuana possession cases.

Audio 12.1.2: New York Times: The Argument. Should Marijuana Be Legal?
Description: The hosts make the argument for and against pot with author Alex Berenson.

Video Resources

Video 12.1.1: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Jeff Sessions Says Legal Weed…Illegal?
Description: Stephen Colbert riffs on Jeff Sessions escalating federal prosecution of marijuana charges, even in states where pot is legal.

Video 12.1.2: Fox Business: Should Jeff Sessions Change His Stance on Marijuana?
Description: Fox panelists discuss Sessions’ stance on marijuana.


Infographic 12.1.1: Governing: State Marijuana Laws in 2019 Map
Description: Take a look at the map of current marijuana laws in the U.S.

Web Resources

Web 12.1.1: NPR: All-Time High: Majority of Republicans Support Pot Legalization for First Time
Description: NPR discusses how more Republicans support legalization.

Case 12.2: Crashing to Earth: Obama’s Signature Health Insurance Program Stumbles

Audio Resources

Video 12.2.1: CNN: The Dark Side of Obamacare Coverage
Description: CNN video on some of the pitfalls with Obamacare.

Web Resources

Web 12.2.1: Washington Post: Timeline: Despite GOP’s Failure to Repeal Obamacare, The ACA Has Changed
Description: NPR discusses how more Republicans support legalization.

Case 12.3: Whooping Cough Epidemic in Washington: The Importance of Public Health

Video Resources

Video 12.3.1: CNN: Experts: Vaccines Are Necessary
Description: This report from CNN expands on the problem with vaccination rates discussed in the case study.

Video 12.3.2: Fox News: Should Gov't Be Allowed to Force Vaccination on Your Kids?
Description: The controversy surrounding government vaccine requirements are discussed in this video featuring Fox News host Sean Hannity.