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Case 5.1: The Boston Marathon Bombing: Effective Coordinated Response

Audio Resources

Audio 5.1.1: NPR: Boston Tests Limits of Emergency Planning
Description: This story from NPR in 2006 highlights emergency management improvements that occurred in Boston following Hurricane Katrina.

Video Resources

Video 5.1.1:—Boston EMS Radio Traffic Offers Inside Look at Response to Boston Marathon Bombings
Description: This video and audio mix lets viewers hear how emergency personnel responded to the Boston Marathon bombing.

Video 5.1.2: NBC News: Boston Marathon Bombing: Report Criticizes Chaotic to Shootout
Description: NBC reporters discuss report on Boston Marathon Bombing.

Video 5.1.3: YouTube: HBO History Makers with Thad W. Allen
Description: This one hour discussion with Admiral Thad Allen provides insight into emergency management challenges including the Allen’s experience after Hurricane Katrina. Compare Allen’s comments on emergency management to those of Boston Police Commission in the link provided above.

Case 5.2: Which Way for Cheese? Conflicting Policies at the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Audio Resources

Audio 5.2.1: NPR: U.S. Pushes Cheese – and Warns Against It
Description: NPR offers an interview with the New York Times reporter who identified the tension over cheese at the USDA discussed in the case study.


Infographic 5.2.1: The Pew Charitable Trusts: Five Facts You Should Know About School Meals
Description: The Pew Charitable Trusts Health Initiative presents facts about school meals.

Video Resources

Video 5.2.1: The Daily Show With Jon Steward: Starved by the Bell
Description: Comedian John Stewart explains the controversy over new, healthier school lunch guidelines.

Video 5.2.2: The Colbert Report: Thought for Food
Description: Comedy Central’s coverage of school lunch continues with sharp commentary from Steven Colbert on the limitation of tater tots in school lunches.

Case 5.3: How to Fix the VA?

Audio Resources

Audio 5.3.1: Million Veteran Program
Description: Voices of VA Research Podcast explore the VA’s Million Veteran Program, which is working to improve health care for veterans.

Video Resources

Video 5.3.1: Veteran Affairs Secretary Shulkin Talks about Problems with VA
Description: Former Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin discusses the issues with the VA and plans for accountability (2017).

Web Resources

Web 5.3.1: Veterans Will Have More Access to Private Health Care Under New V.A. Rule
Description: A report on the early 2019 ruling set out to fix problems with the veteran healthcare system.