Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Engaging Young Children in the Outdoor Environment (1:03–5:22)
Description: This video shows children engaging in learning outside and discusses the importance of outdoor learning for young children.

Video 2: Tools of Inclusion: Assistive Technology for Young Children (9:18–14:00)
Description: This video shows multiple examples of assistive technology for young children with disabilities. It demonstrates how assistive technology facilitates inclusion and access to learning.

Video 3: Getting Kids Involved: Creating Opportunities for Learning (0:00–4:48)
Description: This video gives examples of adaptations to the environment and activities to engage children in learning activities. Examples include moving furniture and labeling items in the classroom.

Video 4: Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Modeling, Prompting, and Responding
Description: This video shows a young child with disabilities making choices and communicating with a high-tech augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device. The teacher demonstrates how to use modeling, prompting, and responding techniques with the child.