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Journal Article 1: Souto-Manning, M. (2014). Situating diverse young learners in diverse timesContemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 15, 88–93.

Abstract: There is a very puzzling contrast — really an awesome disconnect — between the breathtaking diversity of schoolchildren and the uniformity, homogenization, and regimentation of classroom practices, from pre-kindergarten onward. (Genishi & Dyson, 2009, p. 4)

Journal Article 2: Gettinger, M., & Stoiber, K. (2008). Applying a response-to-intervention model for early literacy development in low-income childrenTopics in Early Childhood Special Education, 27, 198–213.

Abstract: This article describes the design and implementation of a program that incorporates a response-to-intervention (RTI) framework for promoting the development of early literacy and language skills among low-income minority children. The early literacy program, called the Exemplary Model of Early Reading Growth and Excellence, or EMERGE, combines classroom practices that are grounded in empirical research, a multitiered intervention hierarchy, high-quality professional development, and continuous progress monitoring to help children in Head Start classrooms acquire early literacy competencies to prepare them for later success in school. Preliminary program evaluation data are presented, and challenges associated with applying an RTI model in early childhood education are addressed.