Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: The Difference Between IEP and 504 Plan
Description: This video distinguishes the differences between IEPs and 504 Plans and the laws behind each.

Video 2: Least Restrictive Environment (0:00–4:45)
Description: This video from the Indiana IEP Resource Center discusses what Least Restrictive Environment means. It also shows what the continuum of services entails.

Video 3: The Power of Inclusive Education--Dr. Ilene Schwartz (0:38–5:38)
Description: In this TEDx Talk, Dr. Ilene Schwartz from the University of Washington’s Area of Special Education speaks about inclusive education. Dr. Schwartz also addresses the role of good instruction in learning.

Web 1: Tool Kit for the Transdisciplinary Team Approach
Description: This is a tool kit created about the transdisciplinary team approach for early intervention programs in New Mexico. The tool kit gives an overview and description of the approach, as well as clarifies what the approach looks like for families and professionals involved.