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Journal Article 1: Guralnick, M. J. (2000). Early childhood intervention: Evolution of a systemFocus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 15, 68–79.

Abstract: This article examines the evolution of the early childhood system, characterizing the stressors facing families that can adversely affect a child's development and examining the response of the early intervention system to those stressors. The article concludes with a consideration of future directions for the early intervention system.

Journal Article 2: Conyers, L. M., Reynolds, A. J., & Suh-Ruu, O. (2003). The effect of early childhood intervention and subsequent special education services: Findings from the Chicago Child-Parent CentersEducation Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 25, 75–95.

Abstract: This article explores patterns of special education services during the elementary grades among children who participated in either the Child-Parent Center (CPC) Preschool Program or other early childhood programs in the Chicago Public Schools. The study sample included 1,377 low-income, racial minority children in the Chicago Longitudinal Study. Controlling for family background characteristics that might affect educational performance, children who participated in Child-Parent Center preschool had a significantly lower rate of special education placement (12.5%) than the comparison group (18.4%), who participated in an alternative all-day kindergarten program. The estimated impact of CPC preschool intervention was best explained by the cognitive advantage hypothesis. This article provides support for the long-term impact of the CPC preschool intervention on special education outcomes.