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Journal Article 1: Summers, J. A., Dell’Oliver, C., Turnbull, A. P., Benson, H., Santelli, E., Campbell, M., & Siegel-Causey, E. (1990). Examining the individualized family service plan process: What are family and practitioner preferences? Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 10, 78–99.

Abstract: Early childhood intervention specialists need information on practices and procedures that are both helpful and positively perceived by both families and practitioners. This study used nine consumer focus groups to determine preferences for practices. The researchers share principles for early intervention services, preferences for identification of family strengths and needs, and the outcomes that are most desired from program services. These findings suggest a need to rethink how we deliver services and interact with family members.

Journal Article 2: Odom, S. L., Buysse, V., & Soukakou, E. (2011). Inclusion for young children with disabilities: A quarter century of research perspectivesJournal of Early Intervention, 33, 344–356.

Abstract: Issues affecting inclusion of young children with disabilities over the last 25 years are discussed. A brief history of early childhood inclusion is followed by a discussion of definition, terminology, and models for inclusive services. A summary of synthesis points derived from the research literature focuses on critical outcomes for children with disabilities, the role of specialized instruction, collaboration among professionals, necessary organizational supports, and benefits for typically developing children. Two recent directions affecting the implementation of inclusion, assessment of quality and Response to Intervention (RTI), are discussed. In addition, factors that may affect early childhood inclusion in the future are summarized.