Learning Objectives

Performance Objective

Apply your knowledge of research design and its classifications (purpose/objective by time dimension) to understand nonexperimental quantitative designs in a business context. Use the design criteria, the  3 × 3 matrix, and examples of business studies to select a design for your project.

Enabling Objectives

  1. Discuss how the research question affects the choice of design.
  2. Define the essential components of research design.
  3. Assess the role of manipulation of variables in nonexperimental quantitative design.
  4. Justify why design should not be confused with a method.
  5. Advocate why a coherent classification of design assists students and practitioners.
  6. Discuss the criteria used to evaluate business designs.
  7. Describe the 3 × 3 matrix created to classify business studies using the study’s purpose/objective and the time dimension.