Learning Objectives

Performance Objective

Demonstrate your ability to apply a scientific approach in conjunction with the principles of reasoning and types of argument to investigate phenomena, obtain new knowledge, integrate previous knowledge, and acquire systematically the language and mindset needed to communicate your research and justify its results.

Enabling Objectives

  1. Defend and criticize why the method of science distinguishes itself from other ways of knowing, but the doing of research is a frame of mind and not just a recipe or series of steps.
  2. Understand how deduction, induction, abduction, and the Toulmin Model are tools the researcher uses to build cases, reason, and derive conclusions.
  3. Practice the Toulmin Model to develop informal and research arguments in preparation for constructing your research report later in the term.
  4. Become familiar with the new jargon of research and understand that practice masters its nuances.
  5. Define by example concepts, constructs, definitions, hypotheses, propositions, and theories.