Learning Objectives

Performance Objective

Chart a course to explore a topic for a term project with emphasis on the problem’s origin, selection, and articulation—as a managerial/academic research question(s)—through exploration, and refinement. Continue planning by constructing a literature review, stating hypotheses, identifying variables, and exploring viable designs.

Enabling Objectives

  1. Provide examples of how the exploring phase of the research process helps you choose a topic, state the research question, formulate narrower investigative questions, and adjust the scope.
  2. Itemize the benefits of various exploratory tools to refine your research question and help you determine what you need to secure answers.
  3. Explain the procedures for completing an extensive review of the literature in preparation for establishing the argument for your study’s viability.
  4. State a hypothesis that reflects the aims of your proposed study.
  5. Describe the different circumstances where nonexperimental (quantitative or qualitative), experimental, or mixed designs would be optimal.