Learning Objectives

Performance Objective

Pair a method with your design, select a measuring instrument, and prepare a sampling plan to answer your research question/test a hypothesis. The chosen method, quantitative or qualitative, will determine how the data are collected and analyzed to achieve your goal. Produce a proposal (academic, IRB protocol, or business) incorporating the previous tasks to secure approval for your study; then recruit participants and conduct a pilot study.

Enabling Objectives

  1. Illustrate methods and techniques frequently used in business studies.
  2. Evaluate the sources and procedures for selecting/creating measuring instruments.
  3. Differentiate between a probability versus nonprobability sample. Explain their strengths, limitations, and applications in light of your proposed research.
  4. Attend to the ethical treatment of participants. Summarize the role of an IRB and the researcher in this process.
  5. Contrast the differences between an exempt, expedited, and full IRB review and how each affects the preparation and timing of a research project.
  6. Produce a proposal using course guidelines to achieve acceptance for an academic study, business study, or IRB protocol.
  7. Outline the components of a participant recruitment plan.
  8. Evaluate the benefits of a pilot study and prepare to implement a small-scale version to detect weaknesses in your plan.