Video and Multimedia

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Video 9.1: Marian Wright Edelman Reflects on a Lifetime of Fighting to End Child Poverty
Description: TEDWomen curator, Pat Mitchell, reflects with Marian Wright Edelman on the pathway to founding the Children's Defense Fund (CDF) in 1973. Marian Wright Edelman was shaped by the early influence of growing up in the segregated American South and her activism with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. At 5:52 to 11:00 minutes of the conversation, Marian Wright Edelman talks about how she started the national advocacy campaign for children suffering from grinding poverty. She outlines how the CDF has been integral in influencing social policy to address the effects of child poverty in the United States.

Web 9.1: Influencing Social Policy
Description: Influencing Social Policy (ISP) is a nonprofit membership organization that dedicated to promoting social work’s involvement in policy and policy practice. ISP aims to prepare and motivate social worker educators, students, and practitioners to actively engage in shaping policy in order to advance policies that enhance human well-being and social justice.

Web 9.2: The Center for the Study of Social Policy
Description: The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) promotes a racially, economically, and socially just societal context for children, youth, and families. Through systems reform, community outreach, and policy practice, CSSP seeks to translate ideas into action oriented in equity and the advancement of inclusive communities. The site provides resources, including policy briefs and reports that address issues that affect youth and families marginalized by public policies and institutional practices.

Web 9.3: Social Workers in the 116th US Congress
Description: This National Association of Social Workers brochure underscores the role of social workers in policymaking and introduces six social workers currently serving in the U.S. Congress. The brochure introduces each of the six members and provides a brief breakdown of their respective backgrounds and congressional agendas.

Web 9.4: Children's Defense Fund - Policy Priorities
Description: The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) is a national nonprofit child advocacy organization founded in 1973 to champion policies and programs that advance the well-being of children, especially those who are most disenfranchised and vulnerable. Through advancing policies, leading community programs, and inspiring advocacy, CDF seeks to lift children out of poverty and ensures their access to the quality health care and education needed to thrive. The link provided outlines CDF’s policy priorities.