Video and Multimedia

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Video 1.1: Congresswoman Barbara Lee: The Importance of a Background in Social Work
Description: Congresswoman Barbara Lee shares how her social work education and experiences prepared her for her role in the political sphere. Beginning as a psychotherapist, Congresswoman Lee eventually shifted into macro social work roles, starting a community mental health center and eventually serving as Congresswoman for the 13th District of California.

Audio 1.1: Biographer Chronicles Perkins, ‘New Deal’ Pioneer
Description: Biographer Kirstin Downey discusses, The Woman Behind the New Deal, her book that chronicled the life of Frances Perkins, first woman appointed to a U.S. president’s cabinet. In the role as Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor, Perkins was the principal architect of the New Deal. The interview outlines the pioneering work of Perkins who, informed by her social work background, advocated for changes in working conditions that transformed the social policy landscape in the United States.

Web 1.1: #MacroSW
Description: #MacroSW is an online platform where social workers from various background connect to promote macro social work practice through dialogue about a range of macro-related topics. The meetings occur bimonthly on Twitter on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 9 p.m. EST (6 p.m. PST).

Web 1.2: Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries - Social Welfare History Project
Description: The Social Welfare History Project aims to increase public understanding of the history of social reform and social welfare movements that have strengthened the American society. Created by social worker, John E. Hanson, Ph.D., the site provides an in-depth historical view of the social work profession, social work and social reform luminaries, and eras that marked milestones in socio-historical shifts in our social welfare perspectives.