Video and Multimedia

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Video 8.1: Leading in Turbulent Times - Dr. Margaret Wheatley
Description: Dr. Margaret Wheatley, an internationally acclaimed organizational psychologist, provides insight into the challenges of leading in a turbulent social and economic context. The discussion focuses on how choosing power over productivity diminishes leadership capacity.

Web 8.1: Dare to Lead Resources - Dr. Brene Brown
Description: Dr. Brene Brown, author and speaker, provides resources to develop leadership skills based upon her research on vulnerability and courage. The site focuses on four skill sets and offers resources and a self-assessment tool as a guide.

Web 8.2: Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training
Description: This site provides fund-raising guidance for nonprofit organizations and social justice movement groups. Training and resources are outlined for leaders and administrators seeking to support and sustain their social justice oriented organizations and movements.

Web 8.3: The Network for Social Work Management
Description: The Network for Social Work Management is a free membership organization for human service professionals at all levels of management. The organization seeks to provide opportunities to define and advance the unique skill sets of executive leaders and managers serving social organizations.