Video and Multimedia

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Video 13.1: Weave: The Social Fabric Project
Description: The video is part of the Aspen Institute’s Weave Movement, which seeks to repair the social fabric of communities, frayed by distrust, division, and exclusion. The movement works to build inclusive communities through community relationships. The video portrays Asiaha Butler’s work in Englewood, a neighborhood in Chicago, IL. Through RAGE, the Resident Association of Greater Englewood, Asiaha shares her work with empowering community members through the process of building relationships and trust.

Audio 13.1: Doin' the Work: Frontline Stories of Social Change - Featuring QLatinx
Description: In this episode of the Doin’ the Work: Frontline Stories of Social Change podcast, Shimon Cohen, LCSW, speaks with Christopher Cuevas, the Executive Director of QLatinx in Orlando, FL. The discussions centers around the creation of QLatinx in the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting on June 12, 2016. Christopher Cuevas shares about the enduring systemic oppression that the LGBTQ+ Latinx community face, including barriers to access to culturally responsive mental health services, marginalization from the white, middle-class LGBTQ community, and lack of protection under federal and state laws. The podcast shares the story of how the LGBTQ+ community of color came together to form a grassroots racial, social, and gender justice organization committed to the empowerment of Central Florida’s LGBTQ+ Latinx community.

Web 13.1: The Chronicle of Social Change
Description: The Chronicle of Social Change is an online, nonprofit journalism organization committed to solution-focused coverage of child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health, and educational issues that affect vulnerable children and youth. The website provides access to articles relevant to large system issues affecting the human welfare of vulnerable youth.