Video and Multimedia

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Video 5.1: Children's Mental Health Services Research Center- Organizational Culture and Climate
Description: Director Charles Glisson from the Children's Mental Health Services Research Center (CMHSRC) discusses organizational social context (culture and climate) and the critical role it plays in the effectiveness of children and family mental health and child welfare organizations. Dr. Glisson shares that organizational profiles have significant predictive ability to determine the effectiveness of services for consumers and the morale of the professional workforce in organizations.

Video 5.2: In Tennessee and Arizona, leaders are building a culture of safety in its child welfare system
Description: Casey Family Programs presents child welfare leaders who are creating a culture of psychological safety in a child welfare system to improve outcomes for children and families. Child welfare leaders and professionals describe organization cultural considerations for ensuring government child welfare employees in Tennessee and Arizona feel physically and psychologically safe in their practices and policies. They discuss what they learned from the shift and how the culture of safety improved their outcomes.

Web 5.1: Community Tool Box - Developing an Organizational Structure
Description: Chapter 9 of the Community Tool Box provides guidance for creating the strategic plan and organizational structure to support a community organizing initiative and community organizations. The manual also includes insight into training and hiring staff, recruiting and training volunteers, and improving organizational management and development.

Web 5.2: National Council of Nonprofits
Description: The National Council of Nonprofits provides tools and resources for nonprofit organizational functioning. It provides advocacy for charitable nonprofits and also offers continual insight into trends and policies that shape nonprofit organizational functioning.