Video and Multimedia

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Video 10.1: Advocacy through Social Media: Trending Topics Matter
Description: Karen McAlister, a graduate student in the Department of Communication at University of Texas at Arlington, shares her research on advocacy through social media, specifically reviewing the use of Hashtags, such as #RefugeesWelcome, #BlackLivesMatter, and #PrayForParis, to create and join broader conversations about significant social events. Between 8:44 – 11:32 minutes of the TedTalk, Karen discusses how individuals have been able to advocate for human rights and create trending topics that shape political conversations.

Audio 10.1: Dr. Allan Barsky - Practice Standards on Social Work and Technology: Changes, Challenges, and Ongoing Debates
Description: In this inSocialWork podcast series episode, Dr. Allan Barsky, professor with the Phyllis and Harvey Sandler School of Social Work at Florida Atlantic University, discusses how the Practice Standards on Social Work and Technology provide guidance when using technology in micro, mezzo, and macro-level practice. Dr. Barsky also highlights how the standards assist with creating policies that address the benefits, challenges, and risks associated with using technology in social work practice. At 14:15 to 21:20 minutes of the podcast, Dr. Barsky speaks specifically about ethical considerations for blending technology into macro practice.

Web 10.1:
Description: SAVI is an online community information system that integrates community level data on numerous topics that affect community functioning and development. Located at The Policy Center at Indiana University--Purdue University of Indianapolis, SAVI is one of the first and largest online community information systems in the United States. SAVI aims to empower people and organizations to use data for planning and effective decision-making.