Video and Multimedia

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Video 2.1: Rural Social Work in Canada
Description: Alberta College of Social Workers follows social workers in Alberta, Canada providing social work services in rural communities. The stories presented demonstrate how social workers serve clients through a unique lens that assesses the person within the various cultural and community contexts in rural Alberta Canada.

Audio 2.1: Just What Is Community Organizing Anyway?
Description: Farai Chideya talks with Dr. Franklin Gilliam Jr., Dean of University of California Los Angeles’ School of Public Affairs. October 24, 2008 about community organizing practices. The conversation spotlights President Barak Obama’s history with community organizing that gained attention during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. The discussion addresses the evolution of community organizing, including historical figures such as Saul Alinsky, and its enduring strategies to empower and advocate individuals and communities.

Web 2.1: The Center for Community Change
Description: The Center for Community Change seeks to empower and build capacity for groups who experience marginalization, particularly low-income and communities of color. The website provides guidance and tools for those seeking to build a social change movement in their community.

Web 2.2: Community Tool Box
Description: The Community Tool Box is a service of the Center for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas. The tool box provides resources and guidance to support core skills in community organizing and development work.