Video and Multimedia

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Audio 11.1: Dr. Alan Delmerico Discusses Using Geospatial Analysis: "Where" Matters
Description: As part of the University of Buffalo inSocialWork podcast series, Dr. Delmerico discusses his work using geospatial analysis techniques to inform social workers on issues related to health phenomena, including promotion, access, and prevention. From 1:24 to 6:53 minutes in the podcast, Dr. Delmerico describes how his applied and translational research approaches align with social work’s person-in-environment orientation. The rest of the podcast offers insight into geospatial analysis and its application for understanding gaps in services to guide evaluation at the macro systems level.

Web 11.1: The RAND Corporation
Description: The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan international research organization that uses multidisciplinary approaches to investigate complex public policy challenges. The focus is to help make individuals, families, and communities throughout the world safer, healthier, and more prosperous. The website provides an outline of research areas and recent written and multimedia reports of research outcomes.

Web 11.2: The Society for Social Work and Research
Description: The Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) is a nonprofit professional membership organization dedicated to the advancement of social work research. In collaboration with other organizations, SSWR is committed to enhancing support for research among social workers.

Web 11.3: Child Trends
Description: Child Trends is a leading research organization in the United States focused on improving the lives of children and youth, especially those most vulnerable. It focuses on conducting independent research and collaborating with practitioners and policy makers to translate research into practice.