Video and Multimedia

Video 1: Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan

Description: This UNESCO video provides background of the “Temple of the Gods” and the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon.

Video 2: The Moche Film

Description: NatGeo Film completed in 2006 that describes the Moche and their complex culture. It also provides insight into the different explanations of their disappearance and highlights the archaeological evidence of the different theories. This film is 45 min in length and illustrates numerous Moche sites.

Web 1: Slide Show of Ancient States

Description: A NatGeo slideshow that includes ancient complex societies with a variety of pictures of the states and their attributes. The page also includes links to several other pages that highlight lost and ancient civilizations.

Web 2: Trace Element Analysis Example

Description: This page from the American Natural History Museum provides an example of how trace element analysis works and the information it can provide. The example from Oaxaca, Mexico illustrates in detail how archaeologists determined the relationship between the two types of pottery.