Video and Multimedia

Video 1: When We First Walked

Description: This 12-min video introduces bipedalism and how it is connected to human evolution. It introduces the various morphology and the transitional morphology found in the fossil record. The video also introduces the various theories proposed surrounding how we became bipedal.  

Video 2: Thermoregulation

Description: A good review of how thermoregulation works in humans and why it is important to understand related to the human experience. It provides good visual examples and a straightforward explanation.  

Video 3: Palaeogenomics and Human Evolution

Description: A short video that details the DNA sequencing of Neanderthals and introduces the study of palaeogenomics. The ancient genetic data that are used in these studies come from two sources and helped source the Neanderthal genome.

Web 1: Ape Skulls Shed Light on the Sex Life of Our Early Human Ancestors

Description: This article provides insight beyond the typical explanation of the sagittal crest and chewing in early hominins. Researchers from Australian National University analyzed several skulls and surmised that sagittal crests also played a role in sexual selection. The argument that the sagittal crest functionality is multifaceted and goes beyond the current thinking of the functionality related to diet.

Web 2: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Description: This website provides pictures of numerous specimens and explains different brain sizes of various hominins. The website also explains how scientists are able to capture data related to brain size through CT scans and other mechanisms. The website also has other pages that explain language development, tools, early social life, and migration.