Video and Multimedia

Video 1: Quivira: Conquistadors on the Plains

Description: This short trailer details how archaeologists uncovered the connection between Spanish Conquistadors and the indigenous population of what is now Kansas. The use of historical documents, old maps, and keen archaeological research pinpoints a 1601 battle that took place in Kansas between the Conquistadors and Natives.

Video 2: Recreating the Neolithic Toolkit

Description: Archaeologists perform experiments based upon a 2005 find in Germany that preserved tools and woodworks from a 7,000-year-old site. Archaeologists simulate the use of the tools to recreate a well and fell trees.

Video 3: An Amazing Archaeological Dig

Description: View a complex excavation that uncovers evidence from two time periods in England. The archaeologists are working to excavate a complex site that includes a cemetery and other buildings. The archaeologists are attempting to remove the artifacts and skeletons before a highway is built over them.

Video 4: Touring the Aztec World With Professor Elizabeth Brumfiel

Description: Professor Brumfiel describes numerous Aztecs in an exhibit that highlights much of her archaeological work in Mesoamerica. She describes the artifacts that illuminate gendered work and relationships in Aztec society.

Video 5: Know Your Scientists! Archaeology or Paleontology?

Description: This video highlights the distinction between paleontology and archaeology using an engaging script to distinguish between the different types of archaeology.

Web 1: Society for American Archaeology Education and Outreach

Description: The Society for American Archaeology provides an overview of the myths and misconceptions concerning the discipline of archaeology, archaeological fieldwork, and artifacts.

Web 2: 4 New Technologies That Are Driving Archaeology Into the Future

Description: This article describes four new ways technology is changing archaeology and enhancing understanding of the human past. Camera drones, Agisoft PhotoScans, muon tomography, and LIDAR are highlighted and briefly detail how they can enhance discovery and excavation.