Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, you should be able to:

16.1 Discuss the anthropological explanations of technology.
16.2 Discuss how anthropologists study economics in different societies.
16.3 Describe the technologies of foraging societies.
16.4 Describe how the economy works in foraging societies.
16.5 Describe the technologies of horticulturalist and pastoralist societies.
16.6 Discuss money and property ownership in horticulturalist and pastoralist economies.
16.7 Describe technology and housing in chiefdom societies.
16.8 Describe the unique type of economic exchange that emerged in chiefdom societies.
16.9 Discuss agricultural state innovations in technology and diffusion.
16.10 Describe the type of economies that developed in agricultural civilizations.
16.11 Describe technology and economic changes for industrial and postindustrial societies.