Video and Multimedia

Video 1: Primates – What Is a Primate?

Description: This Odyssey video describes the characteristics of primates and differentiates them from all other animals. It provides examples of an assorted range of primates in the wild to illustrate the variety of distinguishing primate characteristics. 

Video 2: Gorilla Mating Games

Description: Nature video clip that highlights the dominant silverback and a female gorilla who wants him to father his children. She uses “gorilla flirting” such as staring into his eyes and smiling as well as flirting with younger male gorillas to capture his attention.

Video 3: Primate Locomotion

Description: This video mashup highlights two forms of primate locomotion of suspension and leaping. Lemurs leap from one tree to another, while a gibbon illustrates brachiation and suspension as he interacts with tigers. 

Web 1: Primate Info Net

Description: PIN or the Primate Info Net from the University of Wisconsin is a web consolidator of “everything” primate. It has the latest in primate news such as the latest fossil finds, latest research on living primates, updates on endangered primates, and fact sheets on all sorts of primates. 

Web 2: Facial Recognition App Tacks Endangered Primates

Description: This article focuses on how the new technology of facial recognition is being used to track endangered primates in different parts of the world. Developed in Michigan State University, this “PrimID” is cheaper than most tracking devices and can help prevent wildlife trafficking.