Learning Objectives

4.1 Describe the anatomy of the optic chiasm and how that affects the lateralization of vision in the brain.

4.2 Describe the anatomy of the lateral geniculate nucleus and the role of this area in visual processing.

4.3 Explain the role of the superior colliculus in visual processing.

4.4 Explain the nature of the retinotopic organization of V1.

4.5 Explore the anatomy of the V2 area of
the visual cortex.

4.6 Compare the difference between the dorsal pathway and the ventral pathway.

4.7 Discuss the current problem in determining where the dorsal and ventral pathways reunite to form a common perception.

4.8 Describe the concept of “nature versus nurture” as it applies to the visual system.

4.9 Explain the concept of blindsight.