Learning Objectives

14.1 Explain how touch perception is actually a number of senses served by a number of receptor systems.

14.2 Discuss the role of proprioception in allowing us to know the position and movements of our limbs and joints.

14.3 Describe how the skin registers changes in temperature at the skin.

14.4 Discuss the role of nociceptors in the perception of pain and how pain is modified by gate control theory.

14.5 Identify the pathways from receptors in the skin to the somatosensory cortex in the brain.

14.6 Examine the role of endogenous opioids in controlling pain perception.

14.7 Explain the difference between pain and itch and how they interact.

14.8 Describe the role movement plays in creating the perception of active touch.

14.9 Explain how the vestibular system operates to aid in the perception of balance and acceleration.

14.10 Explain how our somatosensory system is used in the reading of Braille.