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Journal Article 1: Estacio, E., & Comings, J. (2013) Health literacy: Exploring future directions and potential contributions from health psychology. Journal of Health Psychology, 18, 997–1003.

Abstract: Health psychology has the potential to contribute meaningfully to our understanding of the concept, processes, and outcomes of health literacy. Three areas for discussion are presented here: (1) health literacy as a multimodal concept; (2) the role of the health-care system, the professional, and tools of the trade; and (3) the relevance of social context, participation, and empowerment. The three levels of health literacy proposed by Nutbeam are mapped onto the four evolving approaches in health psychology proposed by Marks to explore the synergy between these research areas. It is hoped that this Special Section on Health Literacy will generate more discussion and activity among health psychologists into health literacy research and practice.