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Journal Article 1: Elliott, T., & Johnson, M. (2008). Counseling psychology and chronic health conditions: A call for action. The Counseling Psychologist, 36, 118–126.

Abstract: The authors support the assertion that counseling psychology expertise should be present at all levels of therapeutic activity that may benefit persons who live with chronic health conditions. They consider the impact of the increasing rates of chronic health conditions on health care systems, society, and health service professions. In order for the field to have an influential role in service delivery and policy formation that benefit individuals with chronic health conditions, the authors offer four recommendations: (a) Participate in, promote, and reward interdisciplinary research and service; (b) conduct, promote, and reward policy-relevant research programs; (c) promote and utilize participatory research methods; and (d) consider the implications of these activities for our training programs.

Journal Article 2: Liew, H. (2011). Depression and chronic illness. Journal of Health Psychology, 17, 100–109.

Abstract: No Indonesian studies have addressed the relationship between chronic illness and depression. Using simultaneous equation modeling, this study modeled the joint dependency of depression and chronic illness. The findings showed that the odds of having at least two chronic health conditions increase with the level of depression and individuals with at least two chronic health conditions have higher odds of being in a higher depression category. The health benefits of education are greater among Indonesian women after controlling for mobility, age, marital status, and smoking. Policies directed toward reducing gender differences in education are crucial to reduce persistent health inequalities.