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Article 1: Brennan, T., Breitenbach, M., Dieterich, W., Salsisbury E., & Van Voorhis, P. (2012). Women's Pathways to Serious and Habitual Crime, Criminal Justice and Behavior, 39, pp. 1481-1508.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Briefly summarize the results of the study.
  2. What are the hypothetical “common pathways identified in the article?
  3. Explain how Paths 1 and 2; or 3 and 4; or 5 and 6 differ.

Learning Objective: 3-6 Discuss three reasons why it is believed that men commit more crime than women.


Article 2: Agnew, R. (2011). Crime and time: The temporal patterning of causal variables, Theoretical Criminology, 15, pp. 115-139.

Questions to Consider:

  1. What are the three temporal levels?
  2. Considering the authors’ new view of temporal patterning, what steps can be taken to reduce crime?

 Learning Objective: 3-4: Explain why crime varies across time and space.