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Online Videos

What is Design Thinking?
This short animated video explains how design thinking focuses on the customers' contexts and needs.

Human-Centered Design
Human-Centered Design requires that behaviors and personality be built into products.  In this video, David Kelley of IDEO demonstrates how new products need to be prototyped with examples of how people will interact with the product.

The Role of Empathy in the design thinking process
In this video, the designers demonstrate how empathy was used in the design of baby strollers.  They demonstrate how observing the problems customers faced in using the product identified how the new product requirements.

Observation and Insights
Tom Kelley, founder of IDEO, describes how observation lead to a revolutionary design in children’s toothbrushes.

Interviewing Customers
Owners of a wearable technology company describe how they apply the “ 5 Whys” in interviewing customers for design ideas.

From Design to Design Thinking
In this video, designer Tim Brown discusses his approach of shortening the design process by earlier releases of prototypes and customer involvement in the design process.

Web Article

The Design Thinking Process
In this interview, entrepreneurship professors discuss how design thinking compares to a lean startup approach.