Video and Multimedia

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Online Video

Recognizing an Opportunity
Foodstirs, a baking-kit subscription company by Sarah Michelle Gellar, capitalizes on a gap in the market.

Innovation Through Collaboration
In this TED talk, Charles Leadbeater discusses how innovation is now open to everyone, not just companies.

Idea Generation
This video highlights creative decisions by successful entrepreneurs, showing how idea generation continues as a company grows.

Environments and Idea Generation
This video showcases an entrepreneur who created a variation of typical toy dolls to satisfy an unmet market need.

Using the Building Approach
Snapchat Spectacles are a product using the building approach.

Web Article

Entrepreneurs and Luck
This article discusses how much people credit luck with their successes.

A New Approach
This article describes how entrepreneur Tri Tran has shifted strategies to refine Munchery’s approach to dining and delivery.