Video and Multimedia

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  1. “Two American Families.” PBS Frontline Documentary. Lengthy documentary following two families over the years. Bill Moyers profiles their lives and their efforts to make ends meet over 22 years. (Time: 1:23:41)

  2. “LBJ Declares War on Poverty.” From LBJ’s State of the Union Speech on January 8, 1964 (January 3, 2014). LBJ proposes unprecedented federal initiative to address poverty through education, job training, and community programs. (Time: 3:03)

  3. “An Argument Against Cuts to Medicare and Social Security.” PBS NewsHour (December 6, 2012). Discussion of Republican and Democratic policy proposals to reduce the U.S. deficit. (Time: 8:17)

  4. “Massive Farm Bill Contains Several Surprises.” CBS Evening News (February 3, 2014). Explanation of the 2014 Farm Bill and its provisions includes discussion of the SNAP program and cuts. (Time: 2:07)

  5. “SNAP: Myths vs. Facts.” (August 8, 2013). Basic explanation of the SNAP program followed by discussion of various myths about the program. (Time: 1:39)

  6. “Drug Testing of Welfare Applicants Shut Down by Federal Court.” (January 7, 2014). News report and commentary about the Florida TANF program to drug test TANF beneficiaries. Presents the antidrug-testing position. Setup a debate with this video and the next. (Time: 2:06)

  7. “Speaker Weatherford Discusses Recent Ruling on Law Requiring Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients.” Fox News (January 5, 2014). Presents opposing view to the above video. Interview with Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford. (Time: 3:40)